5th  Class Marine Litter Project

5th Class Marine Litter Project


5th Class Marine Litter Project for the Port of Cork Primary Schools Initiative 2019 

This year the pupils in 5th class completed a project on Marine Litter for the Port of Cork. For our project we created a character called Captain Drastic, The Plastic Monster. 

He was made out of rubbish from the sea, all collected at  the beach. 

When we send him to Cobh he will be put on display with all the other entries. Our class will get a free boat tour of Cork Harbour and if we win 1st prize we will have a tour of one of the Cruise Liners in Cobh in May.

Let’s hope we win!!! 

by Amy McCullagh 5th Class

 The pupils also composed poems about Captain Drastic:   here is Daniel Mulcahy’s poem


Captain Drastic

is quite fantastic

With mussels all over his face

He sails through the seas,

With his face in the breeze

All at a steady pace.


He has a glove for a hand,

Which we found in the sand,

And a hat as tall as himself,

I hate to say it,

But the way we made it,

He reminds me of Santa’s elf!