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In our Active School Initiative our aims are to:

*  Increase and improve the activity of all children at school.
*  Provide opportunities for participation and achievement for
*  Provide a competitive and non competitive balance and a
contact and non contact balance
*  Develop skills and understanding through activities equally
suitable for boys and girls while encouraging enjoyment and
*  Achievement Board – We would like to acknowledge the
achievements of children at their sports and activities both in school and
outside of school.

Canovee NS are extremely thankful to the teachers, coaches and parents who have helped the us to be an incredibly active and sporting school down through the years. We are now aiming to have all this physical activity and physical education recognised through the achievement of the Active Schools Flag for Canovee NS.

The children of Canovee NS are aware of the importance of physical activity in their lives. It’s important that children realise that physical activity is not just of relevance during PE lessons, trainings and match days but it is something that plays a huge role in everyday life whether it be walking, jumping, skipping, dancing, cycling, stretching etc.

We would hope that the children, staff and parents can work together to help increase children’s physical activity to the recommended 60 minutes a day.