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Children's Proclomation

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Canovee N.S. Children's Proclamation 2016

We the children of Ireland proclaim the following vision for the future generations of Ireland:
We wish equality for all citizens irrespective of religion, race, gender, age, physical or mental abilities or marital status.
Everyone should have the opportunities to follow their dreams, aided by access to a fair and open education system and eventually secure employment allowing them to contribute to a fair tax system. This will mean that homelessness will be eradicated.
We hope for a fast and efficient health care system, an excellent infrastructure of public transport which will benefit the economy and the environment.
We want rural communities to thrive in the future not to simply survive, for all citizens and emigrants to take pride in their national language and culture.
Above all else we envision a country where justice is a priority, where all Irish citizens stand united in peace, respecting each other.  
Let us not forget the sacrifice of our fallen heroes in their efforts to gain freedom and inspire us in creating our new proclamation.

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