Double Award Celebration!

Double Award Celebration!


Today in Canovee NS we would like to congratulate the children and teachers invloved in the Active Schools and Green Schools Projects! We were very lucky to have local hero and multi Award winning dual star Briege Corkery in school today.  She spoke to the children about the importance of our environment and protecting it and also about her own first love keeping active through sport.  Briege raised our 2 new flags and then cut or cakes with the teams and teachers who worked so hard to achieve these Flags.

These projects take 2 years to complete and today we are recognising the wonderful work done by all involved.  Mrs Ahern has been working tirelessly over two years with her ‘Green’ team to raise awareness in all things ‘Energy’ in the school and local community, monitoring the school energy consumption and training everyone to turn off light switches and water taps, and helping us understand how much energy we over use in simpole everyday tasks like boiling the kettle more than once!!

Mrs O’Brien and Mr Kelleher in a joint 2 year effort worked with their committee to keep everyone in our school active and moving…..organising internal and external blitzs in hurling and football, introducing us to new sports, i.e. rugby, Judo, hockey, orienteering, nature walks etc.

All the teachers have worked very hard as there is alot of work in organsing and completing the relevant tasks & paperwork for these awards, so a huge Thank You and well done to everyone.