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Enrolement/Adminisions Policy

School Policies and Information


General Information

In introducing its enrolment / admissions policy, the Board of Management of Canovee National School is setting out its policy in accordance with the provision of the Education Act 1998.  The Board of Management trusts that by so doing parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters.  Furthermore, the chairperson of the Board of Management and the Principal, will be happy to clarify any further matters arising from this policy.

Name of school:   Canovee National School
School address:  Carrigadrohid, Macroom, Co. Cork.
School telephone No: (026) 48142
Name of patron:  Bishop John Buckley
Number of Teachers 6 classroom staff / 4  Resource & Learning Support/2 Special Needs Assistants.

Canovee National School is a mixed school.  The school depends on the grants and teacher resources provided by the Department of Education and Science and it operates within the regulations laid down from time to time by the Department.  Accordingly the school policy must have regard to the resources and funding available.

The school follows the curricular programmes prescribed by the Department of Education and Science, which may be amended from time to time, in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act (1998):
Within the context and parameters of Department regulations and programmes, the rights of the patron as set out in the Education Act, the  funding and resources available, the school supports the principles of:

Inclusiveness, particularly with reference to the enrolment of children with a disability or other special educational needs;
Equality of access and participation in the school;
Parental choice in relation to enrolment;
Respect for the diversity of values, beliefs, traditions, languages and ways of life in society.
Opening hours of the school:
     9.20am:                                   School opens for reception of pupils.
     11.00am - 11.10am                    Break
     12.45pm -1.15pm:                     Lunch.
     2.00pm:                                   Junior and Senior Infants go home.
     3.00pm:                                   All other pupils go home.

The Procedures for Enrolment

Provision of key information by parents:
A specific standardised enrolment application form will be provided by the board for this purpose.  

Application procedure:
Parents of pupils who wish to enrol will be required to complete and sign a standardised a enrolment form

The school will communicate generally with the school community through written notes/letters to parents, parish newsletter, Parents Association, and/or other appropriate media seen as relevant by the school.

Decision Making
The Board of Management is Bound by the Department of Education and Science’s Rule for National Schools which provides that pupils may only be enrolled from the age of 4 years upwards, though compulsory attendance does not apply until the age of 6 years.  Decisions in relation to applications for enrolment are made by the board of management of Canovee National School in accordance with school policy and parents will be notified of the Education Welfare Act 2000.

As a general principle, and in so far as practicable, having regard to the school’s enrolment policy, children will be enrolled on application, provided that there is space available.  In the event that applications for enrolment exceeds or is expected to exceed the number of places available, the board of management shall have regard for any relevant Department of Education and Science guidelines in relation to class size or staffing provisions and or any other relevant requirements concerning accommodation such as physical space or the health and welfare of children.
In such circumstances the criteria for decision making are outlined below and the board shall exercise its discretion in the application of the criteria.

Whether there are siblings of the proposed new entrant already attending the school;
Ages of the children;
First come, first  served;
Parish boundaries / Diocesan Policies;
Children of current  staff members;
Ethos considerations – (Equal Status Act/Section 7);
Any other

Admission Date
Children who have reached the fourth anniversary of their birth may be registered in Canovee National School at a meeting held in the summer term. Parents will be notified by Phone, Text, Website and by Parish Newsletter.

Enrolment of children with Special Needs:
A child with special educational needs shall be educated in an inclusive environment with children who do not have such needs, unless the nature or degree of those needs, is such, that to do so would be inconsistent with [a] best interests of the child as determined in accordance with and assessment carried out under this act.[Education for Persons with Special Education Act 2004 ] or [b], the effective provision of education for children with whom the child is to be educated.  In relation to applications for the enrolment of children with special needs, it is open to the board of management, to request a copy of the child’s medical and/or psychological report, or where such a report is not available, to request that the child be assessed immediately.  The purpose of the assessment report is to assist the school in establishing the educational and training needs of the child relevant to his/her disability or special needs and to profile the support services required.

Following receipt of the report, the board will assess how the school could meet the needs specified in the report.  Where the board deems that further resources are required, it will request the S.E.N.O. to assess the appropriate level of support to meet the needs of the child as outlined in the psychological or medical report.  These resources may include, for example, access to or the provision of any or a combination of the following: visiting teacher service, resource teacher for special needs, special needs assistant, specialized equipment or furniture, disabled facilities, educational resource, transport services or other.

The school will meet with the parents of the child to discuss the child’s needs.  If necessary, a full-case conference involving all parties will be held, which may include parents, principal, class teacher, remedial teacher, special class teacher, resource teacher for special needs or psychologist, as appropriate.
The Board of Management will endeavour to support the inclusion of children with special needs.

Pupils Transferring
Pupils may transfer to the school at any time, subject to school policy, available space and in some cases, the approval of the Department of Education and Science and in accordance with the relevant section of the Education and Welfare Act 2000.

The promotion and retention of pupils
Pupils enrolled at Canovee National School will be in accordance with the Department of Education and Science Guidelines and Rules.

Code of behaviour
The school Code of Behaviour "Caring for our Children" is appended to this policy (see appendix 1p) (pending the implementation of the Education Welfare Act 2000 and the issue of appropriate guidelines by the National Education Welfare Board).
Children enrolled in our school are required to co-operate with and support the school, Board of Management's code as well as all other policies on curriculum, organisation and management. The Board of Management places Parents/Guardians responsible for ensuring that their child[ren] co-operate with said policies in an age-appropriate way. These policies may be added to and revised from time to time.

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