Junior Infants Booklist For September 2019

Junior Infants Booklist For September 2019

Booklist for Junior Infant Class 2019-2020 

All books on book scheme will be provided in school cost €20 pp this includes cost of Homework Journal. (Payable by Friday 14th of June please.)

Visual Arts/Photocopying = €10 to be paid to class teacher in September

School re-opens Wednesday 28th Of August @ 9.20am (9:30am for Junior Infants)


  • Sounds Make Words – Junior Infants – 42 sounds (Folens)
  • Starlight Pre – Reading Skills Book (Folens)
  • Starlight Junior Infants Skills Book
  • All Write Now Junior Infants-Pre Cursive (Folens)


  • Busy at Maths Junior Infants- (C.J. Fallon)


  • Grow In Love Pupil Book 2 (Senior Infant book)

Stationery: Please cover all copies with plastic and label all school books, copies and stationery  with child’s name.

  • 2 x Project copies No. 15
  • 3 x Blank copies (Plain Day Book)
  • 1 x A4 Hardback copy for S.E.S.E
  • 2 x plastic envelope folders (A4)
  • 3 x A5 size folder (flashcards)
  • 1 strong zipped folder for homework
  • 2 x thick pencils (hand huggers), pencil sharpener, rubber
  • Crayons/Twistables (not colouring pencils)
  • Scissors
  • 2 x Large Pritt-sticks
  • Canovee N.S Homework Journal will be given to each child in September.

 *We would recommend that all Junior Infant children wear velcro shoes, that you label all garments/belongings and do not use a school bag with wheels. Thank you!

 N.B. High Street Books will be selling all our School Books and Stationery in the school hall on Tuesday, June 11th from 6.30 to 8pm. Please support!