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1. Litter is always caused by people. It is waste in the wrong place such as the pavement or the school field.
2. Litter ruins the appearance of our towns and countryside.
3. Litter is a health hazard and may attract rats and flies which can spread disease.
4. A national survey on the environment "Attitudes and Actions" published in April 2000 showed that over one third of Irish people believe that rubbish on the streets is their top national environmental concern. However, almost half admitted to having littered in the past!
5. Local Authorities spend millions every year on cleaning the streets of Ireland – an enormous amount of money that could be spent on better things.
6. Many people are prepared to take action on litter. IBAL - Irish Business Against Litter -represents a group of business interests who are determined to tackle the problem.
7. In 2009, a total of 2,952,977 tonnes of municipal waste was generated in Ireland.
8. At current fill rates, 16 of the existing municipal solid waste landfills will use up their consented capacity within 3 years.

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