Sciath na Scol Indoors Finals 2014 - canovee national school

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Sciath na Scol Indoors Finals 2014

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Indoor Camoige League  2014

Our Panel has reached the finals of the 4th Class Camoige League Section 1, on Thursday 6th March, 2014. The event takes place  in Na Piarsaigh Hurling Club.

Indoor Camoige has different rules and equipment to outdoor camoige .  Indoor hurleys and indoor sliotars are used.  8 players a side.

Some of the rules:
No lifting, soloing, or catching the sliotar. The goalkeeper may kick, block or stop the sliotar with their foot intentionally. He/she may also use their hand to stop the sliotar but is not permitted to catch or pick up the sliotar. Side walls and back walls are in play at all times. An outfield player may not intentionally kick, block or stop a sliotar with their foot.  No lifting, soloing, or catching the sliotar.

In the event the game ends in a draw at full time, the golden rule will apply...(ie first team to score wins) with a maximum of 5 minutes for this to happen.  In the event of no score at this stage, the game goes to penalties. Each team gets 3 penalties initially and if there is no outcome then sudden death applies.

Go n-eiri an t-adh libh!!

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