Vex Round 1 Winners!!

Vex Round 1 Winners!!

Vex Robotics Competition Round 1 – As told by Ellen Healy, 6th Class

On the 17th day of January, 2019, Canovee N.S.  6th class pupils competed in the VEX IQ robotics competition.  this was in Kinsale community centre, where there were alos 15 other schools competing.

Against all odds, Canovee drivers Ben O’Connor and Paul Lucey drove the school to victory.  Elise O’Rielly, one of our amazing programmers tested the robot’s programming in front of the judges.  the dedicated programming team (consisting of Paul Lucey, Elise O Rielly, Aaron Forde and Robyn Sexton) had worked on the robot for weeks. modifying and staring at code to help us win.

And it did!  At the end of the competition, the awards were given out.  an award for teamwork Champions was given to Paul and Ben!  then, as more awards were given out, Elise walked up behind me, wondering what we were cheering about.  As I told her, another award was announced.  the guy who was announcing( I think he was a DELL employee) asked us to get out head programmer.  And guess who wash shoved forward but Elise!!  She has no idea why, I would say!  So Canovee N.S.  brought home two out of five of the trophies!  As I type this, most of the class is working on improving our robot!


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