Young Scientists Jan 2017 - canovee national school

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Young Scientists Jan 2017

Mrs Doyles Class 2016-2017

Presenting our project at the
RDS Science Fair, 2017
By Elizabeth O' Sullivan

On Friday the 20th of January 2017, Canovee National School participated in the RDS Primary Science Fair.  It ws held in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.  We were due to leave Canovee at eight o'clock as we were required to be there at ten o clock.  The atmosphere was electirc on the way to Limerick.  Our project was based on bubbles.

When we arrived in Limerick, we were greeted by Mrs Doyle.  We were each given a paper wristband of either red or purple.  One of the two groups which we split into, went to two lectures with Ms Crowley.  In the first lecture we were introduced to the science of electricty and flight.  We also learnt that if you sat on one nail, it would hurt you, but of you sat on a hundred of them, it ouwld be comfortable.  this fact actually surprised me.

In the next lecture we experimented with movement.  We also learnt that as long as an object is moving it wont fall until it stops.  We also experimented with mirrors which was great fun and games.

Afer eating our lunch. the group headed back to the main hall.  Our stand was number 28.  We all chatted for a couple of minutes while we finished our lunch.  After that, Mrs Doyle took the purple group away to see some of the lectures and we controlled the stand.  Each of us were put into groups of three and stayed at the stand for fifteen minutes.  when we were not supposed to be in cahrge of the stand, we were allowed to walk around to see the other projects.  It was certainly very interesting.

At quarter past two, both red and purple groups joined together at the stand, to receive our award.  It was a beautiful, glass plaque, with the RDS Science Fair' logo printed on it.   We stood for a couple of photograohs before we prepared to go home.  It certainly would have been one of the best school days of my life.  We left Limerick at three o clock with smiling faces and happy memories.  It had been a fabulous day, jammed with happiness.      


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